A place where Contemporary Monumental Sculpture enhances its own beauty in the midst of Nature

Monumental sculpture is an artistic expression that lends itself to open spaces in the light of day. It is in a light, diaphanous environment where a sculptural piece exhibits all its beauty and spreads its meaning. Each monumental sculptural piece has been dreamed of, designed and created to be public, to show humanity its serene beauty and meaning, its message.

ALMA welcomes sculptures created to be perfectly integrated into an open space, merging with the landscape and enhancing the visitor’s visual experience. A brave cultural proposal that opens the possibility of tasting the aesthetics of the artwork in a natural environment, outdoors, inviting a friendly approach, without prejudice.

An eclectic and deeply contemporary collection that shows that good art does not need labels or communicates with any particular ideology or trend. Good artistic work has to do with a vision, a legacy of beautiful craft, a kind of revelation.

ALMA was born with that intention. It is the result of a dream. An aesthetic reflection, a commitment to good taste that stands as a contribution, a mediation between the public and art. Because the language of beauty, however subjective it may be, is universal and should be available to everyone, and the more the environment contributes to enhancing the sculptor’s discourse, the more beautiful the work will be.

Consecrated sculptors, with great impact and careers, will give a hand to emerging talented artists, in a gesture of support and universality. A communion that takes up the cudgels in favour of beauty in art, excellence, talent, professionalism and the role that monumental sculpture has had, has and will continue to have in the life of man. Click on the Instagram icon to see more: