The project


The ALMA project is the realisation of an aesthetic dream, of an addiction to beauty, of a passion for art and a devotion to great sculpture. Organised by the international LLEI D’ART agency of editors and art merchants, the project is entirely dependent on the town council of Almacelles (Lleida – Spain), the main sponsor and the owner of the open space where the park will be built. This is a public sculpture part that will be adapted to become and open-air sculpture art museum.

Josep Ibarz i Gilart (Paris, 1961), former mayor of the town of Almacelles, one day returned home having fallen in love with one of the UK’s most well-known sculpture parks. His deep interest in history and art led him to work on the idea of offering people something similar, albeit somewhat smaller than the original.

The Park of Europe was chosen as a cared-for, multi-use green area where people stroll and enjoy their leisure to locate the project, with the aim of it becoming a kind of open-air sculpture museum, where the the sculptures would be exhibited, defying the elements, making their meaning known, along with their aesthetic value and modern beauty.

ALMA was first launched in February 2019. Sculptural pieces from national and international artists will soon be admired on its gentle rises, in an attempt to bring art to society and make the public aware of its great value. Next edition will be held in 2023.

«Árbol rojo». Daniel Nacas & Neus Solé. Water Park. Photo BCNARCH


The exhibition at the Josep Mas Dordal Museum of Architecture and Urbanism


In this fourth edition of ALMA, the same way we already did it in previous editions, a new exhibition will be inaugurated, this time designed for small and medium sized sculptural pieces, which will be exposed to the public for some months (Sine die).

The chosen place is the Josep Mas Dordal Museum of Architecture and Urbanism, known by the acronym of MAU, located just a few meters from the historic center of the town, declared a cultural asset of national interest. It is a space where the urban particularities of the town are latent, as well as its reticular structure, thanks to the work, among others, of Josep Mas Dordal, to whom Almacelles pays more than one tribute, with a sculpture located in the Plaza de la Villa, right in front of the Town Hall facade.

This second exhibition is open to the participation of interested sculptors, after contact and submission of an exhibition proposal before 30 November 2022. The participation has no cost for the sculptors and the works exhibited, together with a brief review of their creators, will be part of the book-catalogue that will be published in digital and printed versions.

Façade of the Josep Mas Dordal Museum of Architecture and Urban Planning. Sculpture by Miguel Ángel González.