The Sculptor’s International Congress


The International Congress on Monumental Sculpture has a biennial periodicity. The next edition of this stage of professional reflection for sculptors and scholars of the specialty will take place in february 2024. To access information related to its first edition, in February 2019, click here:

1st International Congress on Monumental Sculpture ALMA 2019

The International Monumental Sculpture Congress is aimed at sculptors, researchers, teachers and any other person interested in and/or linked to the visual arts sector who wishes to delve into the forms and techniques of expression typical of 21st century monumental sculpture.

If you would like to participate as a speaker in the second edition of the congress, please contact us by mail: or download the basis by clicking here:

The second edition, initially scheduled for September 2021, has been postponed to 2024, in the hope that we can all better enjoy this interesting face-to-face event.

Attendees will be able to access the communications presented by artists of recognized prestige and based on their professional experience, as well as participate in the subsequent debate around the open lines of discussion.

The program of its first edition had a practical and close approach, seeking a professional exchange of experiences and the creation of guidelines that would help both younger sculptors to acquire a broader perspective for their work projects, as well as to the most expert, to contrast their positions. One of the important issues to be debated has been the importance of monumental sculpture in its formative and testimonial dimension. And that is why interesting reflections will be raised around concepts such as visual culture and its different actors.